Ray william johnson video girls are crazy

Hey what’s up, I am only wondering if you found this site because you’re looking for the video that ray, rwj, raywj, or whatever his name o nick made titled girls are crazy (craze).
Anyways! Here is the video Enjoy!

(I know what you’re thinking, Ray that thing just have low batteries,b..sh.., that thing is here to fuc..ing molest me)(Did you see that face? That video got about 30,000 views in about a year and a half, and thank you guys for sending that to me, because you know I didn’t want to sleep this week) Now the next video got like three million views. So there is these guys watching this girl dance here in a bikini, You know typical internet behavior!
But of course that’s not the good part, is when the girl approaches the camera…) More of Ray in MVvideos.com