Lecciones de Español Introducción

Spanish Lessons (Lecciones de español).

Welcome to this introduction of Lecciones de Español

I’ve created this space for people that want to learn a bit of Spanish. This is just the introduction, so you have to come back and check in the folowing days, for more lecciones de Español. Also I wanted to tell you that My site preguntameaqui.com is great place to start because 99 percent of it is in Spanish.

Si quieres aprender Español, este lugar es para ti.

I want to welcome you to this post today and I am going to try and teach you a couple of words in Spanish. But first let me introduce myself.

My name is Jorge Jacobo and I live in the city of Salem Oregon, I am from México and I’ve created a site for everybody. I am not an expert nor a Teacher but I am blogger and author of all the content in this website.

If you are a person that wants to learn Spanish you’ve come to the right place, because I believe that my site can be of great help and I can help you if you want learn to write the way I do in Spanish.

So the first thing you want to do is save this site to your favorites so you know how to get back. In the next days I will be giving some lecciones de Español para todos.

So today it’s just [la introducción] at some [lecciones de español].

I am hoping someone will start leaving questions in the comment section. (Note: you don’t need to have a website to be able to comment).

Let’s start by giving you the first leccion:

  • Buenos dias, Buenas Tardes, and Buenas Noches.

That means

  • Good morning, Good afternoon, Good evening or good night, respectively.

I hope you guys find today’s post interesting and fun. Just to remind you It’s important you leave comments,  that way I know someone is benefiting from my writtings.

So, come back because I will be adding new content every week.
My site is http://preguntameaqui.com  look for categories Learning Spanish