Gus Sevilla-¿Quien es?

Gus Sevilla-¿Quien es?

Aveces que me doy unos impulsos por indagar la web en busca de negocios por internet me encuentro con nombres de Personas que se oyen populares y luego me doy cuenta de que no mucha gente sabe de ellos.

El día de hoy quiero hacer una entrada en este blog acerca de Gus Sevilla (Quien es Gus sevilla). Dos o tres personas han de saber bien quien es él, yo no sabía hasta que se me ocurrió hacer alguna de mis búsquedas. Visité desde luego y despues traté por google escribiendo Gus SEvilla.

Llegué a un sitio de Myspace donde se encuentra buena información

This site is dedicated to those people who are willing to take risks and try to better themselves, knowing that “giving up” is not an option. After all, the biggest risk is not taking one at all.

I guess a lot of my success is owed to the love, encouragement and education my parents provided for me, but most of all, most of my success is owed to all the friends, acquaintences and experiences I have encountered along the way. There was a turning point in my life though, and that was when I joined the Marines. I joined the Marines back in 1989, shortly after my unit was activated for Desert Storm. I went to Quantico Virginia for OCS (Officer Candidate School), PLC training (Platoon Leader..s Course) to become an air officer (pilot). While in training I met a lot of interesting individuals, who I can say “I would jump in front of that bullet for them”. Some made it and some didn..t, 85 started the training and only 12 of us graduated. After completing the training and being pinned the “butter bars” I came back to New York and shortly after I was in a car accident which terminated my career as a US Marine pilot.

I thought my life was over. Little did I know that the accident was going to change my life forever. You see, if I would be flying right now, you would not be reading this. Only 20 and not knowing what to do, I started hustling for money selling copier machines from door to door. I saved up enough money and bought one of the copier machines that I used to sell for the company I worked for, opened up a “copy center” in Queens and went to business on my own. I even opened up a company in Brazil.

I started making copies for lawyers, doctors and others. Eventually I was getting orders for business cards, invitations, some print jobs and designs. I wasn..’..t a printer nor a designer, but I saw the potential in it. To make a long story short, I moved to Manhattan and opened up a graphics company on 22nd St and 5th Ave. The company did so well, making designs for artists such as Marc Anthony, Tito Puente, Enrique Iglesias, record labels such as SONY, Universal, RMM, making sales above 1/4 of a million dollars that I decided to take the next step and buy a press and hopefully triple that amount. It was not a little press, it was a 1/2 million dollars press. I was the 17th one to have that kind of press and the first latino to own it at the time. My company, Sevilla Graphics, came out in newspapers such as the Daily News (full page article) and many others, I was even a guest speaker for the Department of Defense.

I became very heavily involved in the music industry and eventually became a GRAMMY voting member for having my work (designs) published. done 2 international concerts in venues as big or bigger than Madison Square Garden. But, in spite of all the success my company attained, I was sure that there was an easier way to make the same amount of money or more, hence, (Coming Soon) is a site whose main purpose is to help people obtain their financial independence. It..s easy, affordable and the best of all is that anyone can do it right from their home. I work about 3 to 4 hours per day average. I do everything from my home computer (I have no employees) and make money even on the weekends without doing a thing.

Si entienen algo de Inglés pueden ver mucho y aprender algo de su historial. Me imagino que hay mucho mas en los sitios que tiene Gus Sevilla.

He visitado y comentado en su sitio pero no he logrado comunicarme personalmente con Gus. Imagino que siempre se la pasa muy ocupado.

La última vez que lo ví fué en un video con Chema Barboza.

La pregunta que tengo para los lectores de este post es ¿Qué más saben de Gus Sevilla? ¿Lo conocen? ¿Nunca habian escuchado de él? ¿Quien es Gus Sevilla en realidad? comenten.

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